Is therapy right for me?

Many of us pass through difficult times and suffering.  Making the decision to participate in therapy is one that can be life changing if you are open to the process and connect well with your therapist. Dr. Carson Lopez is experienced in working with individuals and families to help guide you through challenging circumstances. Generally speaking, the first two to four sessions are a time for her to gather information to better understand your situation. After the initial phase of treatment, you and Dr. Carson Lopez will discuss the recommendations and proceed forward. 

Dr. Carson Lopez utilizes a biopsychosocial approach in most situations, providing a combination of support and education to help you to feel at ease. She understands that the mind and body are intimately connected and will utilize tools to help with your overall health and wellness. 

What about workshops?

Dr. Carson Lopez also provides workshops, specializing in those that help families make the transition to having a baby in the household. The Bringing Baby Home workshops help to strengthen friendships in couples, give tools for stressful times (like when no one has slept through the night for months on end), and have been shown to decrease postpartum mood disorders. 


Please call or send an e-mail to find out when the next workshop will take place. If the workshop does not fit into your schedule, this educational information and the experiential activities can be provided in a series of 6 appointments.