Dr. Carson Lopez works with individuals and families as a guide in helping you to encounter the life you want to live. Many of us are plagued with emotional, physical, and spiritual suffering and unsure how to move forward. Dr. Carson Lopez is interested in helping you to find tools, insight, and perspective that will help you to do so. 

Dr. Carson Lopez has extensive experience working with individuals with chronic pain and other health concerns, depression, anxiety, life transitions, immigration issues, and families with children with autism spectrum disorders. Additionally, she is developing expertise to serve those who are struggling with fertility, requiring support while pregnant and/or transitioning to parenthood. She is an educator for the Bringing Baby Home workshops that are based upon the Gottmans' research. Dr. Carson Lopez is bilingual (Spanish and English) and has lived extensively in latin america, bringing a unique cultural perspective to treatment. In addition to being a clinician, she has served as an adjunct faculty at Alliant International University, San Diego.